Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who's kidding who?

WG Grace pioneers bottom brutalising (1876)

From The Irish Times Letters, 21 March 2007

Madam, - I am a blue-blooded Pakistani with a lot of love of your countrymen. I lived with an Irish in New York and also had the pleasure of being another Irish's room-mate in Washington. You deserved every bit of the victory in Jamaica. You played for the love of the game and the love of your country. I would gladly have the behind of my country brutalised by the Irish any day. Perhaps this way some of your qualities can rub off them. - Yours, etc,

ISFANDYAR KHAN, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ok, very sporting and well done that man, but I heard no reports of arse brutalising going on. No wonder RTE didn't show the highlights.

Still, he could be onto something here. The fax machine at the ICC marketing department must be buzzing.


Lorainne said...

Talking of brutalising, look at what has happened to the Pakistani manager...

Liam G said...

Yeah, although I saw Bob Woolmer play once for Kent. I'm surprised they could tell he was dead.

Liam G said...

The management of this blog would like to extend their apologies to the family of the late Bob Woolmer for the preceding comment. The same would of course apply to most cricketers