Saturday, March 24, 2007

Make Mine a Cliché

I love my country but there are times, like most days, when I just despair. As a wise man, I think it was Twenty Major or it might have been Bock, possibly said 'it makes you wanna holler some times' (actually no, it was Gil Scott-Heron come to think of it).

There have been periods in my time here when my despondency over the state of the nation has plumbed such depths that a mere glance at the headlines would bring me out in the rash-like symptoms which are the psychosomatic accompaniment of deeply repressed rage and frustration.

To cope, I have gone weeks starting the Irish Times from the back and rarely straying beyond Crosaire, and Brendan McWilliam's weather column. Anything else would have me being drip-fed Class A pharmaceuticals in a back ward at St Ita's-on-Sea. There are only so many times in confronting the news here that you can shrug your shoulders and scream 'What the fuck else do you expect!' at passers-by on Dame Street.

This has definitely been one of those 'what the fuck else do you expect?' news weeks.

Here are just a few of the many stories that red-lined on the Where Angels Fear' melancholometer this week:

The Director of Public Prosecutions went for a nice meal with his wife and possibly a round or two of golf followed a by a mini-break in Lanzarote before public opinion in the shape of Joe Duffy, Pat Kenny and yer moaning wan from Cork on Newstalk 106, probably, forced him to appeal against the 3 year suspended sentence for rape handed down by district court mentaller Justice Paul Carney.

The dozy old beak observed that Adam Keane of Barnageeha, Daragh, Co Clare had said the rape was out of character for him and that he came from a respectable home. Oh well then, that's a comfort to his victim. Maybe he could invite her round for tea on the best delph by way of recompense.

Footnote: Ancient Brehon Law allowed for a category of marriage arising from 'sexual intercourse with an unconscious woman'. Perhaps Carney's sentence was an attempt to turn the clock back 1500 rather than merely 50 years.

Bent Galway councillor Michael Fahy refused to resign his seat on 'considered and conscientious grounds' and sought leave to appeal a jail sentence for misuse of public funds for personal property improvements. I would suggest Galway CC fund a nice cast iron lamp-post for the Fahy estate from which to string the fecker up, but with his neck he'd probably survive.

Newstalk 106 Galway vox-pop consensus: 'He's a great fellow who's done a lot of good for the community.' Ah they're as charitable as they are fucking stupid, them boggers. I can see why they let them keep the vote.

Galway water officials confirmed they all have shares in Ballygowan, Bord Gáis and the ESB as water boiling goes on apace around the county. An outbreak of the squitters in recent weeks has forced officials to resume the hunt for the cryptosporidium bacteria, them little critters on the right there, which are the presumed source of the outbreak. Thing is, these lads have known about the risk since 2005 and did shag all about it. They now claim they can't find the contaminated source.

I know it rains a lot but how many water sources are there in Galway? It's not like they have to take a microscope to every tap and spigot in the county for fuck's sake.

Meanwhile in Brussels, the European Commission is hauling the state up before the ECJ because of its failure to comply with 25 year old legislation on environmental protection. The commission has also decided to refer Ireland to the ECJ for failing to pass legislation that would give citizens the right to easily challenge the legality of public authority decisions on environmental grounds.

In the same vein, at the opening of the tribal gathering of the men with skulls on sticks, otherwise known as the Fianna Fáil Ard Fhéis, the current head man Bertie Aherne has said he was not going to be lectured to about environmental policy by parties "who think things up by the day".

Begob, Bertram, that's more time than you give it you (hesitates here for fear of accusations of plagiarism) cunt.


Twenty Major said...

Wasn't it Marvin Gaye? It certainly wasn't me...

Mairéad said...

Oh Jesus, I know, wouldn't it all drive you just nuts!
I was watching a snip of ol' Bertie also, and he's some article!

Liam G said...

Twenty: Don't you just hate it when someone gets their soul music references mixed up? Gil said it but Marvin did too. Different tune, same sentiment.

Mairéad: I'm thinking of getting some computer geek to turn the melancholometer into a widget. But it would need a colour band somewhere in the ultra violet end of the spectrum to deal with Bertie