Monday, March 26, 2007

It's so easy being green

Excellent news in this morning's Irish Times for the eco-consconscious drinker. Diageo has gone green and signed a contract with the ESB to get all its electrickery from renewable sources.

The impact on Where Angels Fear's carbon footprint is likely to be significant and the knock-on effect on the future survival of the human race has been welcomed by eco-organisations around the globe.

Diageo has been doing a fair bit of the old green-washing in recent years, using its by-products to make compost, animal feed and nutrients for willow trees to burn in the old Aga.

Now if they could only find a way of harnessing my house-mate kranky Rae's methane output the morning after a night on the stout, the nation's energy problems would be resolved at a stroke.


Mairéad said...

Aha! Eureka? So those methane emissions blamed on the good fresians of Ireland are actually emanating from the morning-after-the-night-before lads???

Liam G said...

I would be remiss in my stewardship of the eco-system to deny kranky Rae his share of the responsibility in this case.