Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reasons to be cheerful, Part 2

It's the first day of spring, the sun is shining and the daffodils are blooming around the lush meadows of my ancestral industrial estate. A tiding of young magpies struts around the garden in the jeans they just nicked off my washing line. It feels so good to be alive, I thought I'd share with you some the things that contribute to my present euphoric condition.

Eurovision Song Contest
Should be great this year. A song co-written by a culchie misogynist about a country that no longer exists, performed by a band whose front-person nicked her stage persona from a spinster primary school teacher in darkest Sligo. The Finns must be shaking in their saunas. As close as RTE could get to 'My Lovely Horse' without re-animating the stiffened cadaver of poor Dermot Morgan. Null pwonts and worth every one of them!

Life in the blogosphere
From the cheeky chappy celebrochat at Blogorrah to the curmudgeonly precision-bombing prose of Twenty Major and all points in between, it's great to see that those great, but rarely praised, aspects of the Irish national character, begrudgery and cosmic biliousness, haven't been lost in the rush to embrace the Xanax of (post-)modernity. Forget the Irish Blog Awards. Aosdána stipends and tax free status to the lot of 'em, says I.

The imminent demise of Christianity as a religion

The jig's up lads. Big Jim 'The Terminator' Cameron has got on your case and found out where the skeletons were hidden. Fair dos now, you had a good run for your money and you can't complain after all the trouble you caused.

To my many Jewish and Muslim friends across the globe, please be as gentle as you can when using the following words: I-told-you-so.

A new Lucinda Williams Album

Heroin, suicide, bleeding fingers, broken hearts, users, losers, boozers and a morbid fear of flying. All these and more can be yours for only slightly more than my current hourly rate above in DCU.

Joe Bob says 4 stars, check it out HERE

The photo at the top of this blog was blatantly ripped off from Pixeldiva. I love the work you do lads, but why do I get the distinct feeling you'd come after me mob-handed if it wasn't credited?


Bock the Robber said...

Yeah. Fine album. We listened to it on the way home from Dublin at the weekend - or at least, Jimbo listened to it while I tightened a ratchet around my head to keep in the hangover explosion.

Liam G said...

Excellent! I assume you did go to the ball then, Cinders.

I'm thinking of spearheading a Half Man Half Biscuit revival, any takers?