Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sid Perks death: An Ambridge Mystery

You can find an update to this story here

As is me wont, I was lying in bed last Sunday morning catching up with the goings on down Ambridge way. I don't know what prompted it, but it occurred to me that it had been some time since I last heard the dulcet Brummie tones of old Sid Perks, genial mine homophobe landlord of the Bull.

Hello,  I thought, do we have another Pru Forrest/Kenton Archer scenario developing here? Has our Sid become a character who for years only exists in the the off-mic world, oft mentioned but never heard or seen. A denizen of the twilight world of dead air and the 3rd person reference:  "I see Sid's put 3p on a pint of Shires. I told him that's me off to the Cat &Fiddle"

Or, I postulated, has Alan Devereux, the actor who plays Sid,shuffled off this mortal coil in real life and it's but a matter of time before the script catches up events in the non-Ambridge universe. So it came as no surprise  to hear that Sid Perks had done a Jim Fixx somewhere in the wilds of New Zealand and had been killed off with nary a chance to bid his loved ones a fond farewell, let alone see England get knocked out in the quarter finals.

However, a piece in today's Times  suggests that the plot surrounding Sid's demise is thicker than Carrie Grundy's Borsetshire clotted cream. Alan Devereux has been in the show since 1962, what can he have done to incur such displeasure? Is this another case of PC gone mad?

The licence-paying public should be told.

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