Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bonkers Boris Backs BP in Blowout Beef

In a moment to gladden the hearts of blonde bimbo enthusiasts everywhere, populist Mayor of Gotham (East) and erstwhile despoiler of Oxford hostelries, Boris Johnson today called for the people of the USA to lighten up and recognize that the BP oil disaster was 'just an accident'.

Well known Kyoto skeptic, Johnson was responding to news that BP shares had fallen 12% in the light of recent events in the colonies.

Given Boris's own immaculate record on environmental and other matters since donning the mayoral chain it's hardly a surprise to see him rise to the defence of a corporation consistently named as one of the Top 10 worst multinationals this century.

I think I hear the sound of someone's dividend about to be deferred. No new tyres on the Raleigh this year, me old son, perhaps Tony Hayward will chip in with a set for ye.

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