Wednesday, June 16, 2010

God, these bloody English. Bursting with money and indigestion: Bloomsday 2010

I shall miss my kidney breakfast and, if the weather be fair, the cycle down to Sandycove to stand at Joyce's Tower above the Forty Foot.

I shall miss the toffs in period clothes and puzzled Dubs a-wondering why an exiled, godless heathen should evoke such fuss.

I shall miss my night town ramble from Kennedy's on Westland Row, to Davy Byrne's and then to Temple Bar.

I shall miss my drink with the King of Spain's daughter or someone claiming to be such, while he, above in Capel St, outstays his welcome in Jack Nealons.

Meanwhile in the evil domain that is Apple, comic book writer Robert Berry wins a small victory and overcomes the fruit company's ban on naughty apps. His free comic book version of Ulysses is now available in an uncensored form for the iPad. You can check it out here (Thanks Sean!)

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And if you fancy actually reading the bleeding thing.....

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