Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sarky bastards with Telecasters or Rickenbackers or something

While preparing myself emotionally for the upcoming Jesse Malin gig at the Irish Music Centre next week I came across these guys:-

They're called Butch Walker and the Let's Go Out Tonites. I'd never heard of them before. Kind of wish I had.

A special note for Is it just me. You might find this track interesting or amusing


Anonymous said...

Butch Walker is amazing. Now that you have discovered him and his brilliance, you'll have to see him live sometime in the future. He just finished a month long tour and is taking time off now to work on other projects as well as producing. Do not miss him the next time he hits the road. His shows are never a disappointment.

Liam G said...

Obviously a fan. Your name wouldn't be Butch would it by any chance? Rest assured if he comes to Ireland any time soon I shall check him out. Meanwhile he certainly gets the Where Angels Fear 'pure pop for now people seal' of approval

Is it just me? said...

I just spotted that now Liam, was in Denmark eating bacon for the past couple of days.
I really like that song...I'm thinking of changing my blog name now...Is it just me?