Friday, April 27, 2007

Back on the blogbeat

Apologies to regular readers for the relative absence of activity on Where Angels Fear of late. I know how much you miss me, darlings. Important affairs of state and matters of national security have had me back and forth between here and the motherland on the mainland for the past couple of weeks. A full report of my activities in foreign climes will appear in due course, but for now security clearance at the highest levels is still pending.

Anyway the image below appeared in my mailbox this afternoon and I couldn't resist the temptation to chance the ire of my Limerick compatriots. You know who you are, Bock. (Many congrats on the Scunnies promotion by the way, but did it have to be at Tranmere Rovers' expense?)

Still and all, as demeaning and unflattering such images may be to the fine city of Limerick and its people (who look a lot like Scousers in my opinion and are to be complimented for that), they are nothing to the kind of stereotyping and ridicule that the noble of folk of my own home city of Liverpool have to put up with.

In the interests of promoting best practice and anti-Scousism amongst stakeholders, users and providers connected with Where Angels Fear I reproduce a small sample of these images in the hope that they will promote understanding of the burden of prejudice that we Scousers carry on a day to day basis.

I also expect you to get behind us when we attempt to overturn a 1-0 deficit against CSKA London at Anfield next Tuesday. I promise not to break into your house and make off with your DVD player while you're down the pub giving rousing choruses Poor Tommy Scouser and You'll Never Walk Alone.


The Hangar Queen said...

Oooooh..someone's in for a slappin'.Next time you're Merseyside report to Capone's Pizza on Argyle St. in Birkenhead and ask for Paul The Yank.
He's big stroppy queen and will do you a lovely kicking and a fish supper.

Liam G said...

I know the place well and Birkenhead being Birkenhead I probably know him too or someone related to him. Thing is, other than perhaps Man Utd supporters, the good people of Birkenhead hate Liverpool people probably more than anyone in the country .

The Hangar Queen said...

I defintely got that vibe on my visits there.All our friends there are rabid Tranmere Rovers fans.
Paul The Yank is an actual American.He's a college friend of my wife's and fled to the UK *cough,cough* in the early 90's for some reason.
Gas man though and now runs a booze delivery biz there.
So do you get a monkey to speak?

Liam G said...

Whatever he was fleeing from must have been serious to end up in Birkenhead. He'd have been better off in the Foreign Legion. I grew up there and that was what I did to escape. It was only years later I discovered I could have just have got a ferry across the Mersey:-)

So Devin, how do you get a monkey to speak?

The Hangar Queen said...

That was supposed to be "How do you get a monkey to Speke?

The No.82 bus.

Liam G said...

Guess that's one of those 'you just have to be there jokes' but in a weird way it's actually funnier because of that:-)A commendable effort!

In a similar vein, years ago I came up with a town motto for Birkenhead that can't easily be conveyed in text but sums the place up perfectly I think:-

1. Fold arms across chest

2. Flick back head while raising your eyes to heaven and simultaneously emitting a single 'tut' noise.

Try it. If you know the town you'll know how appropriate it is.