Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hurricane Higgins: Wasted talent hangs up his cue

I met this git half a dozen times in the 1990s. He, in combination with his entourage of lowlife mates, acted the maggot on every occasion. I hated him and I'm glad the woman-beating twat is dead. He was a sad and pathetic bastard who would have done better to top himself after he came back against  Jimmy White in 1982. Then at least the 'people's champion' legend might have meant something in a Kurt Cobain kind of way. He was a sad, fucked up Northern Prod who hated his fans almost as much as he hated himself. He got a lot more out of a handful of games of snooker than he ever gave back to the game and he didn't even have a sense of humour. At least George Best, another famously self-destructive Northern Prod, could take the piss out of himself and never approached the level of arrogance I saw Higgins adopt on more than one occasion.

I expect there will be all the usual 'he was a twat, but he was a genius too' beatification shite, but take my word for it, the world of snooker won't be a poorer place for his passing.


Salfordles said...

Think the Northern Prod reference is irrelevant, Liam. There are sufficient self-destructive Northern Tims to refute that theory.

The rest is pretty well spot-on.

Liam G said...

You're right of course, Les. A sectarian intemperance brought about by a lack of temperance in the alcohol department as it was written. Thanks for pointing it out,mate