Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Election Smelection Part 2

Sorry Enda, the mean streets of this fair city were a fuck of a lot safer before some eejits started sticking up posters at just the right height to take an unwary pedestrian's eye out.

And just who came up with that slogan anyway, the wife's cousin?


Bock the Robber said...

Tougher sentences for Bertie. Now there's a thought.

Pat said...

Hi Liam,
Up the 'Pool!
How about the Sinn Fein slogan?
And there's me shopping at SPAR.
Great blog as usual

Liam G said...

Bock: Hardly fair, that. He has problems with anything more complex than 'Give deh money to deh mott and say nuttin to no-one'

Pat: Too kind. Haven't noticed the SF one amongst the forest that has sprouted up around town.

Conortje said...

Maybe they should have transparent posters with invisible ink - that would get my vote (if I had one)

Liam G said...

And my compo claim, I imagine:-)

daOak and Wise said...
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